Sponsor Spotlight

Thank You

we can't do it alone!

We would like to take a moment and thank some of the wonderful people and organizations that help bring Sports L•A•B™ to the members of The Boys &  Girls Club of Greater Kansas City.  Without their help, and generous support, this would not be possible.  So, from the bottom of our hearts, we thank you so much!

Sponsor Spotlight: Saint Luke's Health System

Founded in 1882, Saint Luke's has served the Greater Kansas City Area for more than 100 years.

From a single location, Saint Luke's has grown to ten hospitals and campuses  covering 67 counties.  They are recognized for their devotion to care, education and innovation, and continue to provide exceptional customer service in their state of the art facilities, using the most up to date health innovations and technology available.   With their close help and partnership, we are working to develop the best, and healthiest program we can possibly provide to the members of our clubs. 

We've been busy this past year. 

Working in conjunction with the Boys & Girls Clubs, here's a sampling of projects we've completed as well as those on the immediate horizon:

- Created and implemented pre/post physical abilities testing at all 16 of our 2017 Atomic Blast summer program sites. More than 1,000 youth participated in this program test.

- Completed Soccer For Success Trainer training. Facilitated through partnership with Mattie Rhodes (8 Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Kansas City [BGCGKC] participated)

- Currently, reevaluating the Skill Mastery And Resistance Training (SMART) program curriculum, focusing on incorporating Saint Luke's resources to enhance program content and delivery. 

"Through our partnership with the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Kansas City, we are very excited to see what comes next for the Club members, their families and our community!"  - Sycil Proffitt, Healthy Lifestyles Liaison - Saint Luke's Health Systems

SportsLAB Atom

Sponsor Spotlight: Live Like Luke

The Mission: Every child deserves a smile, and to put one on as many children as possible.

With a simple mission, focusing on helping as many children as possible live their lives to the fullest, without regret,  the foundation focuses on three key areas, 

Sponsoring citywide tournaments for sports, and supporting youth programs

Assisting children with terminable illness's complete achievements and experiences they wish to complete in the time they are given.

Assisting families that have experienced a tragedy in their lives.

Current and Ongoing projects.

The good people at the foundation sponsored our 2018 BGCGKC Basketball League. Check HERE for highlights of the tournament and championship games held at the AMAZING College Basketball Experience! 

Thank you again for supporting our members, we look forward to working with you in the future!