Team Olathe

Team Olathe!

Dynamic, Creative, Caring, Dedicated, flexible. These are just a few words to describe the amazing group of teens that makes up Team Olathe.  They work hard, have fun, and try everything.  Not only do they participate in every possible function they can, they also work hard to share those events with the world.  They have shown they are capable of making hard decisions in regards to the skills they have learned. As such, they are our first official SPORTS L•A•B ™ certified club photography team! 

Team Olathe: Exercise of Movement

One of the trickiest things to do in still photography is getting a great action shot.  Action shots make up a huge amount of sports media.  We all love to see a Basketball Player mid air, slam dunking a basketball, football players mid air in a collision, or a baseball player hitting a home run.  This is one of the first shots Team Olathe wanted to learn about.  This project involved the team playing with Poi, a kind of performance art from the Maori people of New Zealand. 

During the project, One member would spin Poi made of a racketball in a soft cloth pouch, with colored streamers.  Meanwhile, another member would photography them using high speed settings on a digital single-lens reflex camera (or DSLR).  As a result, they were able to get a fun series of photographs, creating a simple, yet fun movement study.

Team Olathe: Memes

Team Olathe chose to use Meme's as a way to learn about photography.  A meme is an idea, a concept, or a unit of culture transmission.  As it travels between people, being shared through literally any possible way we share what we have created, it catch on.  As it grows in popularity it becomes part of the collective memory of the internet. A meme can change, grow and alter as it travels from person to person.  In a way, memes transfer in a similar way to genetics, or a cold or flu. 

Since the inception of the Web, humans have found way to quickly transfer ideas, great and small between each other. Since Social Media has become readily accessible in the mid 1990's it has become one of the most dominate forms of social interaction across the world.  As such, we can see how a meme can move change, and grow between people.  Team Olathe had the opportunity to explore this idea, they found it to be more difficult then they had expected to create a meme, their attempt, however yielded some amusing results.