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Heels & Nets 2018

On May 12th, The Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Kansas city hosted our first ever Heels & Nets.  A special event for Mothers and Daughters, to discuss health and fitness issues, as well as have the opportunity to share experiences and solutions with guest speakers in an informal judgement free environment.  Club members and staff took time out of their Saturday morning to make sure that everybody attending had plenty of Fruits, Parfaits, and "Mom-osas" so they could really enjoy their morning.  Some of the attending ladies even had the opportunity to get their portraits taken, with backgrounds from Italy, Hawaii, Egypt, and even Wakanda and the Moon! 

Much fun was had by all, and we are looking forward to hosting another event like this very soon!

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Springfield Basketball Challenge

Boys & Girls Club members from Wyandotte County, Hawthorne and Independence Units,  traveled to Springfield, Mo on April 28th to participate in their Annual Basketball Challenge. The Wyandotte team was involved in two very close games. We won the first game 33-30 in overtime beating the host team from Springfield, Mo. An hour later we were in the Championship game and won 38-35 in overtime as well, beating a very good team from the Independence, Missouri Boys and Girls Club. Eastern Jack (Hawthorne and Independence) won 1st place in the 7/8th Division.  

Congratulations to both teams!

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2018 Members Vs Staff

Basketball Challenge

On March 22, the members of the Thornberry Unit had a chance to give "The Business" to the Thornberry staff in a Members vs. Staff basketball game.

The member's team (aka "The Young Guns") was comprised of members of all ages, many of whom participated in our 2018 Basketball League. The staff team ("The Old Heads") consisted of Thornberry staff members, many of whom (it was rumored) had never played the game! 

At the start of the game, the Young Guns K-1 members overwhelmed The Old Heads with their speed, dexterity and on-court awareness - jumping out to an easy 12 point lead! Too bad for the youngsters the game had three more quarters to play...

During each of the following quarters, different age groups had their opportunity to participate in the action. As the game wore on, the Young Guns wore down. Some accounts attribute that to The Old Heads using old tricks to gain a physical (and psychological) advantage. In other words, they started cheating! The game ended with the Old Heads narrowly escaping with a victory. 

After the game, the members went on to play, snack and participate in programming... The Staff? Well, let's just say Mr. Chuck's supply of ice and plastic bags was almost wiped out as the Old Heads lined up for medicinal ice bags! 

All in all, everyone - players and fans alike had a great time!






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