RBI 2018 League

RBI 2018 League Play

RBI, Reviving Baseball in Inner Cities, has been one of our most successful youth sports programs since starting in 1996.  Accordingly, it has grown to having more than 1000 active participants.  This is including youth from organizations across the Greater Kansas City Metro area.  Every year young people join together through the summer months, learning the finer points of sportsmanship, community, teamwork.  All of this in the fun and competitive RBI Summer Baseball League.  2018 was a great year for the program and the players.   

Starting the second week of May, 55 RBI teams began an epic journey through league play that lasted 10 weeks, culminating in Championship and All-Star Games. Ranging from ages 5 to 18 the teams played across the metro area at 5 different locations.  Clark-Ketterman Park, Cleveland Park, Klamm Park, Heathwood Park, Satchel Paige Memorial Stadium, and the Urban Youth Academy hosted our players this year. 


Our Members Summer Success Stories

On July 12, RBI members were selected from all the KC teams were invited to participate in the first annual Commissioner's Cup. These 15 to 17 year old players got to attend the 5 day long sport and culture event held in Washington D.C..  Team KC was able to participate in not only the tournament, but other fun events as well.  Events such as The All-Star FanFest, an interactive baseball themed park as well as the PLAY BALL Park, a baseball park designed with young people in mind. They also got to attend the MLB Home Run Derby.  Furthermore, they even got to take a guided tour of the nation's capital.  As a result of their dedication and hard work, team KC was able to come home with second place overall, Good job!

 RBI isn't just about sports, although sports plays a major roll in the program. As such, there is the expectation that players try their best every chance they get.  Due to their efforts on, and off the field, two of our members were inducted into the National Honors Society. This is truely one of the highest scholastic honors a young person can receive. Members earn their place by showing a commitment to Scholastics, Leadership, Community Service, and Character.  These extraordinary young men have shown that they are willing and able to go above and beyond all expectations!

This summer, a number of our participants have not only graduated high school, but  also successfully gained scholarships. As a result, they have the opportunity to progress this fall to higher education. We would like to take a moment to mention these dedicated and talented individuals. Whether it is a Community College, trade school or University, we wish them the best of luck during their journey into the future.


  • Baker, Brett - Iowa Central Community College
  • Cerda, Jacob - Blue River Community College
  • Davis, Krystian - Carl Albert State College
  • Davis, Matthew - Longview Community College
  • Dycus, Josiah - University of Missouri
  • Farnsworth, Taray - Penn Valley Community College
  • Fenton, John - BTC (Building Trades College -MCC)
  • Henry, Tyler - KCK Community College
  • Jackson, Trezmond - Alabama, A&M University
  • Javois, Jalen - undecided
  • Meyer, Nick - Longview Community College
  • Richard, Russell - undecided
  • Rivera, Bobby - Maplewoods Community College
  • Rudolph, Evan - Longview Community College
  • Scott, Tyson - Southern University
  • Sell, Jackson - Longview Community College
  • Smith, Tanner - Blue River Community College 
  • Stevenson, Malik - Southern University
  • Sudduth, Devin - University of Central Missouri
  • Taylor, Brice - Maplewoods Community College
  • Wayman, James - Southwestern Community College (Wichita)
  • Weld, Quinton - Allen County Community College
  • White, COdy - Avila University
  • Witherspoon, Kaine - Grambling University

One of our graduating members has chosen to serve our local community.  For this reason , he has chosen to train to join our local law enforcement agency.  Anthony Chisam has chosen to attend the Kansas City Missouri Regional Police Academy.  We want to wish him the best of luck

Finally, one of our graduating members , Benjamin Eason, has decided to serve our country.  He is shipping out to the Naval Coast Guard Academy.  For this reason, we wish him a safe and successful career!

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