UMKC Men's Golf club provide supplemental instruction in the game, everybody wins!



Learning the sport of golf exposes our Club members to a lifelong leisure activity that encourages both healthy behavior and lifestyles. It also gives an opportunity for personal growth including core values that are natural to the game. These include values such as honesty, integrity, courtesy, perseverance, respect and confidence .


While its origins are widely debated, it is commonly accepted that the game as we know it now, comes from Scotland.  The first mention of the game was in 1457.  King James II of Scotland made it, as well as Rugby, illegal!  Scottish soldiers were too busy playing golf instead of practicing archery for their jobs.  In 1502, the ban lifted and King James IV  himself took up the game!  as a result, the game spread to England, becoming accepted through their empire.  In time, it spread to all parts of the world, and is now played by people of all walks of life.  

our program

Instruction can take place in a variety of locations, such as gym, open space or outdoor area. Contests and games are used to reinforce skills learned in a fun, non-competitive manner.

Many thanks go to our partners: First Tee of Greater Kansas City and the Kansas City Parks and Recreation Department. With these partners, we engage many more of our members in a first instruction program.  We are also very lucky to have the help of the UMKC Men's Golf Team.  These young men provide supplemental instruction to our members at the Heart of America Course.  2017’s instruction program culminated with each member having an opportunity to play an actual hole on an official course!