Boys and Girls Club members playing basketball


It's played in youth leagues, high school and college gymnasiums. We see it on municipal courts, in professional arena's, not to mention in driveways all over the world.  Basketball is one of the most popular sports in the United States as well as many countries around the world.  All six of our club sites have the opportunity and facilities allowing our members to participate in organized play.  Likewise, every member can just spend a fun afternoon on a court.  

A great sport, easily played inside or outside, any time of the year, gives young people valuable exercise.  With many variations of play including ones that are inclusive to people with disabilities or disabled people, it's easy for anybody to pick up.  Moreover, with moderate equipment needs, basketball is easily one of the most accessible sports available to many of our club members. 

League play teaches valuable life skills, like teamwork, fair play, memory retention skills, decision making skills under stress and valuable healthy living skills. This is encouraged with direction from volunteer coaching staff, trained referees, and adult role models.  


Get out on the court and have a ball!