Michael Phelps Foundation IM Program

This program provides clubs like ours opportunities and programming to help assist youth with swimming education.  This program focuses on youth 14 years and younger providing a simple not to mention effective ways to learn a key skills in water safety.  Drowning is the second leading cause of death among youth from ethnically diverse communities.  This program works to combat that tragic problem.

five programs in one

The initial program IMsafe focuses on youth new to swimming and even being around water.  As such, it focuses on increase comfort and confidence in and around a pool.  This stage of the program has three levels the youth can complete, as well as rewards for finishing these levels. Ultimately, this will lead to not only being in the water, but also treading water.  In addition youth learn to swim from one side of a pool to the other as well as other important skills.

IMfun encourages youth to safe as well as have fun in the pool with a variety of pool games.

IMfast teaches more competitive swimming skills in beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels.

IMhealthy teaches physical and emotional wellness within the program, helping youth learn good eating habits, how to set health goals, and also how to handle stressful situations.

IMsuccessful teaches how to set long term goals, teaching patiences, planning and persistence.  This program teaches skills useful in everyday settings, like the home, community, and school.


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Children Swimming

USA Swimming Foundation’s Make a Splash Initiative

The USA Swimming Foundation is dedicated to helping youth and community based aquatics education programs.  This provides partnership and resources within our community as well as national organizations.  The goal to provide swimming lessons and water safety educate to not only children but their families also.

 focus areas 

Raising Awareness – With the advantage of partnering with other local clubs and community programs, we have a greater reach for aquatics safety education. The program helps educate families and communities all over the U.S. on swimming and safety.  This also provides chances for our youth to participate in events like the Make a Splash Tour you can check out highlights here.

Aligning Partners – We are excited to work with this national organization, as well as community-based water safety groups.  We also are lucky to be able to reach local volunteers to help with coaching as needed.

Increasing Participation – The program's current goal is to reach 1 million children annually through the Make a Splash Local Partner swim lesson provider network by December 31, 2018! To enroll a child in swim lessons and have them be a part of the 1 million, please click on the Join The Clubs button above!

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Community Fun in the Pool!

As part of our Healthy Lifestyles Program, The Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Kansas Cities Aquatics Department reached out to local churches.  This was with the purpose to help build a brand new program, called Pastors In The Pool.  The goal,  educating local communities and familes in swimming and water safety. 

Members from the community met with the head of our Aquatics Department, Kimmer Songer.  Lessons were given to the Pastors and some of their church membership.  The program culminated in the Underwater Easter Egg Hunt, held in the evening on March 30th.  With a huge turnout, the program was deemed a complete success.  Everybody participating had a great time and we're looking forward to doing it again!